Caitlin Leopard
Sr. Master Caitlin Leopard

Fountain Academy

7th degree senior master Caitlin Leopard started in Jackson, MS under Tiger Rock leader Jason Griffin.  As a 9 year old involved in martial arts with her entire family involved she knew that this would be a career.  She met

Drew Leopard
Sr. Master Drew Leopard

Lead Instructor Fountain Academy

7th degree Senior Master Drew Leopard has been a Tiger Rock student since 1992. At the age of 7 he started in Tiger Rock founder James Bailey’s Alabama academy and never looked back.  A native of Tuscaloosa-his parents Mike and

Aaron Tuck
Sr. Master Aaron Tuck

Multi-Academy Owner / Senior Instructor

Senior Master Aaron Tuck
Multi Unit Academy Owner / Senior Instructor
7th Degree Senior Master Black Belt

Dan Shepherd
Mr. Dan Shepherd

Lead Instructor / East Academy Owner

Mr. Dan Shepherd
4th Degree Black Belt
Chief Instructor/Owner

Mary Tuck
Master Mary Tuck

Certified Instructor / Regional Academy Director

Master Mary Tuck
Academy Director – North Springs/CFO
6th Degree Black Belt
Certified Leader

Shawna Shepherd
Mrs. Shawna Shepherd

Certified Instructor / Academy Director

Mrs. Shawna Shepherd
3rd Degree Black Belt
Certified TaeKwonDo Instructor