Drew Leopard
Sr. Master Drew Leopard

Lead Instructor Fountain Academy

7th degree Senior Master Drew Leopard has been a Tiger Rock student since 1992. At the age of 7 he started in Tiger Rock founder James Bailey’s Alabama academy and never looked back.  A native of Tuscaloosa-his parents Mike and Jan were the biggest Tiger Rock supporters through his youth making sure he stayed involved in the instructor program, attended every tournament and ranked up at every opportunity.  One of the original competitors in the xtreme performance division and founders of that program, competition was always very exciting to him. Though it didn’t always come easy for him at a young age, Mr Leopard eventually was at the top of his rank division for over 20 straight years ranging from age 10 to 31.  At 31 he earned the rank of master alongside his wife Caitlin who he met through Tiger Rock events.  Together, they have developed academies in Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas City and now Colorado Springs with some academies ranking in the top 5 in Tiger Rock.  Drew, Caitlin and children AJ and Heidi look forward to developing the Pikes Peak Region and growing Tiger Rock into the next generation.